Australis – Lifegiving

8 01 2009

lifegiving_-_portadaAustralis – Lifegiving
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I am a big fan of New Age music and the genre in a big way and I am always looking to listen to new artists from this genre. I came across ‘Australis’ in a music search and decided to take a punt and purchased this album. I didn’t know what to expect so having listened to this album 3 times already. I can say I am pleasantly surprised. This album was released midway through 2005 and the album is New Age with a ambient feel to it. Another great thing about this album is the artwork that shows the care and feeling that went into the production of this beautiful set of work. The front cover is of a butterfly on sanded back paper. The insides of the album on the left hand side is a Mayan symbol (mayan calender).

The music is performed and composed by a lone artist who goes by the name ‘Australis’. There are 10 tracks to this album and everyone of the songs is well worth the listen. New Age fans will fall in love with the sensuous and ambient rhythms of this album and each song is a enigma unto itself. The first song is the album namesake ‘Lifegiving’ – that sets the tone and style of the rest of the album release. The best 2 songs of the album are ‘Turning Point’ that opens with a bravado of piano skill and ‘The Sound of Hope’ which brings together a soothing and hopeful sound with flutes, synths and keyboards.

But as I have said, all the songs are well worth a listen and the final song ‘Sacred Earth’ is a fine ending to what I hope to be Australis’ first of several albums. This artist has the brilliant touches of Enigma’s Michael Cretu and the flair of Era’s Eric Levi. I look forward to more musical masterpieces from ‘Australis’.

1. Lifegiving 4:02
2. Conciliation 4:40
3. Turning Point 5:28
4. The Sound of Hope 4:45
5. Fire Tamer 3:49
6. Forbidden Scents 4:49
7. The Enchantment 3:33
8. Between the Sun and the Moon 4:51
9. Barren Lands 4:33
10. Sacred Earth 4:25

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