Bernward Koch – Walking Through Clouds

8 01 2009

bernward-koch-walking-through-cloudsBernward Koch – Walking Through Clouds
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German musician Bernward Koch (kahtch) has experienced a most astonishing rise within the international New Age music scene over the last decade. Koch’s fame began to ascend when the artist (among greats such as Bonnie Raitt, Sting, Basia and Ottmar Liebert) contributed a track for two Aids-benefit compilations initiated by California radio stations KKSF and THE WAVE. Today Bernward Koch is considered by many as among the genre’s leading artists.

No one who knows Koch’s music is surprised by his success. The classically trained artist composes pieces of outstanding formal maturity and with an astonishing musical finesse. Koch himself calls his compositions “songs without lyrics,” and indeed they are delicately crafted and clearly show their creator’s sense of form. His arrangements are always marked by a tasteful balance of synthesized and natural sounds. The organic pulse of a real, flesh and blood drummer, Bernward’s brother Christoph, is essential for Koch’s music, and the exquisite flute playing of his wife, Christine Böhm, has over the years become a trademark feature in his sound.

1. Touched By Love
2. Childhood Hour
3. Walking Through Clouds
4. Deep Green Summer
5. Flight Being
6. One Step At ATime
7. Mysterious Why
8. Bekoflow
9. Following Stars
10. Close Your Eyes
11. Silver Veil, The
12. Gentle Touch
13. Simply Great
14. Evoking Wonder
15. Sunday Sky
16. Travel Lightly

Part 1 | Part 2

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