Davol – Nature Of The Beast

8 01 2009

51i-lr6q93l_ss500_Davol – Nature Of The Beast (1992)
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 45:09 min | 66.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

When I bought this album several years ago, it immediatly became one of my favorite album’s. I found out about Davol on a program called “Currents”, and there was no question that I had some catching up to do, not only with this album but with his two previous releases. One of my favorite tunes from Davol is on this album, called “Gates of Ishtar”. It is just absolutely magical and inspiring. Davol covers musical territory that no one else has come close to matching.

1. Wrong Reasons (World) 5:10
2. Dream’s End (World) 4:44
3. The Last Mile (World) 3:36
4. Gates Of Ishtar (World) 4:25
5. And With The Tide (World) 4:30
6. Caravan (World) 4:21
7. Champion (World) 4:24
8. Farthest Shore (World) 4:33
9. Mirage (World) 5:44
10. One Wish (World) 3:36

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