Mythos – Eternity

8 01 2009

11Mythos – Eternity
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 51:16 min | 110 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Bob D’Eith and Paul Schmidt, better known as the Canadian duo Mythos, combine ethnic influences from Europe to Brazil to the Middle East in their return album Eternity. Using piano, Spanish guitar, trumpet, saxophone, and a variety of exceptional vocalists that combine lyric and wordless melodies, Eternity is an ethereal journey through time and space. Powerful and eclectic electronic beats set a backdrop for this incredible collection of 13 tracks.

Tracklist :

1. Ascent
2. Unity
3. Del Mar
4. Turn to Grey
5. Alpha
6. Exodus
7. Leyenda – Mythos, Albeniz, Isaac
8. Kyrie
9. Dreams of Jade
10. Paradise
11. Orca
12. Sixth Sense
13. Freedom
14. In the Air Tonight – Mythos, Collins, Phil
15. New Day


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