Mythos – Mythos

8 01 2009

1Mythos – Mythos
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 1:03:55 min | 136 MB | 10% Recovery Record

It’s fair to think of Mythos as a pulp-free version of Deep Forest, Enigma, or Delerium, acts known to blend spirit-led grooves with spectral incantations while stirring up mystic-ambient potions. Canadians Paul Schmidt (guitar) and Bob D’Eith (piano, keyboards) eschew most of the ambiguous, overt chanting favored by the aforementioned acts, preferring a smoother yet satisfying sound highlighted by Schmidt’s crystalline classical guitar, D’Eith’s mysterious, gently propulsive electronic atmospheres and judicious use of angelic female vocalese. This eponymous recording serves as the duo’s debut release for the Higher Octave label, though it includes nine tracks from an older, self-released production titled Introspection. While this 16-track disc begins to lose some creative steam in its late stages, the disc’s opening 5 tracks (particularly the seductive “November”) are reward enough for owning this recording. D’Eith’s shrewd use of shadowed textures and subtle grooves raises an intoxicating mist in your imagination, bringing to mind the sonic and thematic allure of I Robot by the Alan Parsons Project. Worth hearing.

Tracklist :
1. Brazil 4:17
2. June 5:01
3. Sunless Sea 3:59
4. November 4:57
5. Planinata 3:26
6. La Cathedral 2:03
7. The Odyssey 4:31
8. Angels Weep 5:36
9. The Nile 4:02
10. Motif 2:49
11. Sirens 3:31
12. Prelude 2:36
13. Introspection 4:01
14. Evolution 5:11
15. Premonition 2:58
16. Paradox 4:46


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