Mythos – Purity

8 01 2009

mythos_purityMythos – Purity
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 50:10 min | 78.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Over the past decade, Mythos has produced a series of best-selling recordings featuring their unique fusion of classical music, jazz, pop, electronic, ambient, and musical influences from around the world. Written and performed by pianist Bob D’Eith and guitarist Paul Schmidt, with contributions from some of Canada’s most outstanding musicians, the music Mythos makes is hauntingly beautiful and otherworldly. Purity is the Vancouver-based duo’s latest CD release, and it continues their unique musical fusion. Veteran jazz bassist Rene Worst teams up with worldbeat percussionist Pepe Danza to ground Mythos’s seductive melodies with sensuous, juicy rhythms. Another Vancouver-based jazz stalwart, vocalist Jennifer Scott, contributes ethereal, soaring vocals to the evocative mix, and violinist Cameron Wilson and cellist Finn Manniche add hypnotic string embellishment to this edition of the band’s singular sound. Mythos has sold over 100,000 recordings over the course of three previously released albums. Mythos, Reality of a Dreamer, and Eternity share a similar artistic focus with the recently released Purity. Each features Gil Bruvel’s surrealist, dream-like illustrations in the cover artwork, underlining the recordings’ singular sound and vision.

Tracklist :
1. Purity
2. Surrender
3. Alten Mara
4. Andalucia
5. Icarus
6. Adagio
7. Mizo’s Gift
8. Deus Ex Machina
9. Dream
10. Mystique
11. Triste

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2 responses

23 03 2009

You recommended that I hear some bands (Era,Mythos,etc..), and I have to say that so far EVERY ONE of your suggestion has been priceless!. This link is down, but mythos lets you hear thier albums free on thier site, so I checked that out and WOW!!!!! I found a link to it, so check your inbox in a day or so, and you can update the link.
Quietmusic, you are simply the best! What is your name by the way? I think I know that’s a bold question, haha. Reading the posts, you go by a lot of aliases. haha

23 03 2009

Great to hear you like the recommendations! I’m reuploading the Mythos album right now. Will be done in about an hour or so. As to my name, you’re right, lol, that is a rather bold question. Let just say that online, I’m mostly known by either Bright, Brightdevil or QuietMusic. =-). The Bright moniker is really just a shortened version of Brightdevil. So take your pick =_).

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