Blue Stone – Breathe

12 01 2009

front9Blue Stone – Breathe
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:11:35 min | 108 MB | 10% Recovery Record

I came across this CD accidently and been hooked with it since then because of its rich vocals and creativity. Like Enigma, Delerium, B-Tribe and Amethystium it soothes and takes you on a journey of unknown dimensions. I love all the tracks especially “Breathe”, “Break of Dawn”, “The River” and “Falling” , “I am” and “Contact”. Its a must have for any fan of New Age music.


1. Confession
2. Breathe
3. Break Of Dawn
4. Falling
5. River, The
6. I Am
7. Forgiven
8. Only One
9. Holy Ground
10. Searching
11. Contact
12. Dusk
13. Traveler
14. Lost
15. New Beginning

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7 responses

6 02 2009

mmmm, briliant ;}

26 02 2009

i came across this on Pandora Radio, while listening to the Delerium channel and the song they played was BREATHE and like you, i’ve been like WOAH since! totally chill/relaxing music! love Blue Stone!!

26 02 2009

Yes, it’s definitely one of my favorites. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

13 03 2009

I tottally agree, this is tottally superbbb !! I already am a huge fan of Enigma and Delerium, and I heard the two other recomendations “B-Tribe and Amethystium” and I am loving all of it. Can you please reccomend some more ?!! BTW, not New Age, but you should also like Julee Cruise music (thats my recomendation to you!) Listen to “Into the Night” and “Nightangle” and “World Spins”

13 03 2009

Thank you so much for your kind comments! Those 4 are probably the closest together in terms of similar sound, however, the only other groups I can think of that have somewhat of a similar sound would be Era, Jens Gad & Gala. Now if you like the more driving beats, there are quite a few that come to mind. Australis, Robert Miles, Ronan Hardiman, Mythos, Mystera, Future Sound Of London, Full Moon Fashions, Ryan Farish, David Friedman, Conjure One, & Alchemystic. Alchemystic is an Indie band that has not really released an album per se, but I do have everything they’ve released online. If you like I’ll rar it up and upload it for you.

In regards to your recommendation, I will definitely see if I can find anything by Julee Cruise. Thank you!

13 03 2009

Wow! Didn’t expect such a kind response and so soon! Your website is the best web-site I have found in AGESS when it comes to music. It was luck that iTunes genius linked Blue Stone Breathe to Enigma, and searching for Breathe I found your site, and I am already addicted! haha.
I have the rapidshare link to the album i suggested of Julee Cruise. I am uncertain if you allow me to post the direct link to it, so if you can email me at my above email address, I will respond with the link to you. Or I could just post the link in your Requests part, up to you :)
I don’t know if I could classify her as New Age, but he stuff is recommended for fans of Delirium and Enigma by iTunes. Wikipedia classifies her genre as “Dream Pop”

13 03 2009

I’m delighted to hear you are addicted, lol. In most cases addiction would be a bad thing, but in this case, I’m behind you 100%. In regards to the Julee Cruise album, I’ll fire off an email to you as soon as I complete responding to the comments. I have to say I’m very interested in hearing her stuff. Your recommendation has me very, very curious =-).

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