Ryan Farish – Daydreamer

12 01 2009

front6Ryan Farish – Daydreamer
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:09:03 min | 104 MB | 10% Recovery Record

The follow up to Ryan’s first album “In The Day”, the “Daydreamer” album is one of the best electronic albums ever. I’ve listened to Ryan for two years on mp3.com, and “Daydreamer” reads like an “all-star” list of his best tracks. The album leads off with “Nightwind” and “Secret Garden”, two chart-topping tracks that will draw you into a vortex of ambient sound and wonder. And “Holding Faith” is reminiscent of “Chariots of Fire” with its uplifting melody. But my favorite song of all is “Chasing the Sun”. I don’t know why… All I know is that I can’t get it out of my head. You’ll find yourself listening to this CD as you fall asleep, and it’s a definite mainstay in the car stereo. If you like Enigma or Pat Metheny, then you’ll love Ryan Farish! Five stars and highly recommended…


1. Night Wind
2. Secret Garden
3. Atlantica
4. Holding Faith
5. Angel
6. Chasing the Sun
7. Daydreamer
8. Dream In Essence
9. Enchanted
10. Modern Beauty
11. Letting Go
12. If Only
13. Imaginary
14. Journey to the Light
15. Holding Faith (Reprise)

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