Ryan Farish – Everlasting

12 01 2009

front8Ryan Farish – Everlasting
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 48:03 min | 70 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Ryan is breaking new territory with Everlasting by expanding the depth of his music; incorporating live guitar, percussion, strings and bass with his signature piano melodies. The first thing you’ll notice is the warm live bass permeating on album starter “Together We Will Conquer” as it segues into syncopated percussion rhythms. Moby, Robert Miles and BT come to mind with a couple of his other songs that deliver upbeat break-beats, lush synth washes, deep rolling bass and Ryan’s beautiful melodies. Each song breathes from dense instrumentation to expansive openness; drifting from intense moments to lullaby peacefulness. “Young at Heart” builds from the brisk-paced percussion into ebbing strings that balance the song into a vibrant, upbeat number. Show stopper “Watch the Sky” ups the ante with a soft guitar lead accompanying his piano – showcasing Ryan’s multi-instrumental skills. Album closer “Everlasting Light” brings Ryan back to his roots with a very simple piano outro –! demonstrating Ryan’s growth and his ability to deliver a stunning album that is easily digestible. It’s that good!

1. Together We Will Conquer
2. Mercy Follows
3. Deep
4. We Are Free
5. Young At Heart
6. Wildflower
7. Sing To You
8. Watch The Sky
9. Breakthrough
10. Time Between Us
11. Dedicated
12. Everlasting Night

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5 02 2009


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