Kevin Wood – Scenic Listening

13 01 2009

kevin-wood-scenic-listeningKevin Wood – Scenic Listening
MP3 @ 128 Kbps | 43:52 min | 43.6 MB | 10% Recovery Record

With SACRED, Kevin Wood presents a stunning collage of multi-cultural chant samples, piano and synthesizers designed to capture the beauty of the world’s spiritual traditions. Two particular cultures are highlighted on this release — European Monastic life (Gregorian chant) and Native American chant. It may seem like an unusual pairing; but combined with Wood’s ethereal soundscapes, the sound is reverential and soul-stirring. And it works! Surprisingly well, in fact. Most of the cuts range in mood from melancholy to dreamy and the whole album is very well produced and polished. Wood’s sound here is reminiscent of groups like Lesium and Magna Canta, only the beats are toned down in favor of relaxing new age instrumentation.

01. Tribal Hymn
02. Cathedral Echo
03. Mountainside Psalm
04. Continental Chant
05. Cadent Waterfalls
06. Forest Groove
07. Dancing Woodwinds
08. Harmonic Oasis
09. Bluebonnet Sonata
10. Tribal Hymn II

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