Adiemus – The Best of Adiemus

15 01 2009

bestofadiemusAdiemus – The Best of Adiemus
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:15:49 min | 97.1 MB | 10% Recovery Record

The Story of Adiemus We will draw near Adiemus, literally translated, means ‘we will draw near’. Curiously enough, Karl Jenkins was unaware of the word’s meaning when he created it. He believed it to be an invented word of his own imagination. Now, years after the initial Adiemus project was launched, Karl has discovered that Adiemus has a meaning in Latin (with a slight variation in spelling). The irony does not escape him, especially since one of the core ideas in the Adiemus project involves using vocals singing an invented language. As Karl puts it: “The text in Adiemus is written phonetically, with the words viewed as instrumental sound. The human voice is the oldest instrument and by removing the distraction of lyrics, we hope to create a sound that is universal and timeless. The knowledge that Adiemus has a meaning – ‘we will draw near’ invokes what I feel to be an appropriate concept of bringing people together.

Password – zeus

01.   Adiemus
02.   Cantus Inaequalis
03.   Kayama – (radio edit)
04.   In Caelum Fero – (radio edit)
05.   Hymn
06.   Cantilena
07.   Cantus – (edit, with Song Of The Trinity)
08.   Cantus – (edit, with Song Of The Plains)
09.   Elegia
10.   Chorale VI + Cantus – (with Song Of Aeolus)
11.   Chorale I (Za Ma Ba)
12.   Cantus (Song Of Tears) – (edit)
13.   Rain Dance – (edit)
14.   Ein Wiener Walzer (A Viennese Waltz)
15.   Corrente (Courante)
16.   Zarabanda (Sarabande)
17.   La La La Koora (Landler)
18.   Beyond The Century
19.   Adiemus – (1999 new version)

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4 responses

29 01 2009


29 01 2009

My apologies. Here’s the password: zeus

4 02 2009

I have this CD and I love it. Not only are the music and the voices top-drawer but the production values are terrific. I have another Adiemus CD, but the title escapes me at the moment. I left it at my daughter’s lake house a few weeks ago. Have to get back down there and retrieve that.

Another group to look into, if you like chants, is Trio Medieval. The group consist of three Norwegian women whose voices blend absolutely perfectly and much of what they record is A Capella. Beautiful, haunting, spiritual.

They are true students of Medieval music. Their recordings are exceptional, some from great Gothic cathedral venues. You can read more about them at:

4 02 2009

Excellent stuff Jazzmonger! Trio Medieval definitely sounds promising!

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