Chris Spheeris – Culture

15 01 2009

12Chris Spheeris – Culture
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 49:15 min | 102 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Chris Spheeris captures many ambient energetic cultural sounds on this CD. The musical flavour of the Meditarranean, Asia, and a bit of the Middle East is expressed in an elegant array of style and creative expression. This is music for a quiet dinner … romance … relaxation. Experience the vibrant dynamic life of diverse exotic places. This CD will energize the listener and release the imagination. It is delightful music which expresses the sounds of enchanted locations from around the globe. Erika Borsos

From the exotically atmospheric “Aria” to mellow, relaxing “Embrace,” Culture is another very well received work by artist Chris Spheeris. A variety of world fusion themes are interwoven with Spheeris’ original ambient compositions: south of the border sounds on “Margarita,” Native American-style chanting on “One,” east Indian rhythms and sitar on “Bombay,” and Spanish-influenced guitar on “Allura.” Definitely recommended for both fans of the artist and listeners who enjoy the best of ambient music.


1.  Aria
2.  Margarita
3.  Embrace
4.  Elektra
5.  Culture
6.  Sapphire
7.  Allura
8.  Bombay
9.  One

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