Chris Spheeris – Desires

15 01 2009

13Chris Spheeris – Desires
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 42:37 min | 106 MB | 10% Recovery Record

The warm, touching side of Chris Spheeris takes center stage in this instrumental album, which seems to be a reorganized release of his earlier recording for Sony, “Desires of the Heart”. Composer Spheeris is featured on keyboards and guitar, joined by David Peterson on oboe and English horn, and accompanied by Christopher Bock on light accoustic percussion, Darryl Wright on electric bass, and occasional recorded nature sounds. As with much of Spheeris’ work, the selections on “Desires” don’t fit neatly into any particular stylistic category. Accoustic and electronic instruments blend together seamlessly to create music that is emotive, heartfelt and approachable. Some pieces are pervaded by a subtle electronic ambience that lingers discreetly in the background, creating a relaxing, timeless atmosphere. Other selections are gently upbeat, bouyed by tasteful world percussion and moved forward by a progressive harmonic structure. All are pleasant and interesting, with good, appealing melodies and engagingly varied construction. Much of Spheeris’ work on “Desires” reminds me of Yanni’s style, and fans of one should enjoy the other too. Try “Reflections of Passion” by Yanni, and for a more intense musical journey, inspired by many world-music elements, check out Spheeris’ “Dancing with the Muse”.


1.  Viva
2.  Playtime
3.  Andalu
4.  Desires Of The Heart
5.  Lovers And Friends
6.  Stars
7.  Fields Of Tears
8.  Remember Me
9.  Afterimage

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