Chris Spheeris – Essentials

15 01 2009


Chris Spheeris – Essentials
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 45:52 min | 117 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Chris’s songs are unforgettable and beautiful. The “Essentials” by chris spheeris, is another execellent collection of chris’s best songs. These songs u won’t find in his best of chris 1990-2000. Chris is a talented multiinstrumentalist. His music is blend of greece ryhms, spanish guitar, beautiful keyboards, smooth rythms with some nice enchanting voices. His music can’t be described, It can make u sad, happy, joy, and can give u so many inspiration.I have been chris’s fan for almost ten years. I grew up with his music. Chris’s resume is impressive, he has produced and witten and performed a beautiful songs which will take u away and leave u with passion and desire. His songs helps to heal the sad hearts and wounds, and it gives u a inspiration and hope to achieve and see the world from another vision. His albums such as culture, desire, mystic traveler, eros, enchantment, europa,dancing with muse,pathway to surrender and many more are all greats. Essentials is another collection of his best songs of these albums which I mentioned. Chris’s songs are journey of love, romance,sadness, desire, heartbroken, inspiration, destiny, hope, passion, homecoming.I love his works, My dad and whole my family and friends love his works. Chris thanks for ur great and vivid imagination and vision for making such a heartfelting and beautiful musics over years. I really recommend this album to u who read this review right now. Experience the Essentials of heart and passions.


1.  Aria
2.  Psyche
3.  Margarita
4.  Marionette
5.  Mediterraneo
6.  New West
7.  Embrace
8.  Alegria
9.  Elektra
10.  Always
11.  Quiver
12.  Desires of the Heart
13.  Slow Dance
14.  Bombay

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