Chris Spheeris – Mystic Traveller

15 01 2009

14Chris Spheeris – Mystic Traveller
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 56:05 min | 132 MB | 10% Recovery Record

This is the kind of music that shows Chris Spheeris as being more than just a New Age artist but a visionary who is a master of thematic music. Each of the select tracks tells a story and you can imagine travelling to these various realms- hence the title “Mystic Traveller”. The beauty about each track is that exotic sounds, and real-life episodes help create an adventure that seems to take you on a journey far far away. From South America to China, to the Middle East, the Americas etc, one gets the feeling that this is an extraordinary soundtrack to an extraordinary adventure.


1.  Mystic Traveller
2.  Voices of Faith
3.  The Stone Warriors
4.  Guardian of the Rock
5.  Island of 1000 Temples
6.  Those Who Came Before
7.  The Oasis
8.  Kingdom in the Clouds
9.  Treasure of the Spirit
10.  Sacred River
11.  As Above

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