Aeoliah – Divinaura

19 01 2009

600x6002Aeoliah – Divinaura
MP3 @ 256 Kbps VBR | 53:41 min | 72.9 MB | 10% Recovery Record

What is happening on “Divinaura” is happening on a higher realm and raining down to nurture, love and heal everyone who dares to listen to the voice of God…the Divine Feminine who has come to help us find our way home. “Divinaura” literally took my breath away, and brought tears of release, because I knew something was happening on this CD that went way beyond the music. Something that can’t be explained – only experienced. My heart was being rescued from a feeling to a knowing that I was being loved on a level that no longer was earth bound, but was heaven sent. WOW…what an awareness! Listen with headphones and don’t think or reason or even look for an experience, just be…and it will come to you! Thanks Aeoliah for another “GIFT”…you are meant for such a time as this. Your purpose is being fulfilled in your music. My heart bows to all that you are

01.  Portal, The
02.  For Your Love Only
03.  Cherish
04.  Rhapsody
05.  Tribute to Albinoni
06.  Divinaura
07.  For Your Passion, My Love
08.  Always
09.  Moonlight Magic
10.  Ave Maria…
11.  Heart & Soul

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3 responses

24 01 2009

Thanks for links, just downloaded


18 04 2009

Ohhh! The great Aeoliah! Thank you very much!

20 04 2009

I wish I could find more albums by Aeoliah, but haven’t had much luck recently. Will just have to keep trying =_).

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