Vivian Khor – Starlight Serenade

19 01 2009

600x6001Vivian Khor – Starlight Serenade
MP3 @ 256 Kbps VBR | 49:00 min | 79.9 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Starlight Serenade from keyboardist Vivian Khor displays the artist talents on both piano and electronic keyboards, as she fleshes out her warm and accessible melodies on the ivories with assorted synthesized embellishments, whether they be the more usual strings (such as on the aptly titled Serenity), or more adventurous keyboard ventures (kalimba samples and contemporary midtempo beats on Love Buffet or shimmering bell tones on Winter Play). Most of the CD tracks are low-key and soothing, and should prove easy to enjoy if you’re a fan of piano-based classic new age music. Sometimes, Khor eschews her acoustic instrument and heads in a wholly electronic direction. Abbey With Me features lush strings playing the lead melody while After Glow (the one truly uptempo piece here, but not so much as to come across as jarring) is resplendent in an assortment of synths including programmed midtempo rhythms and a variety of new age instrumental effects, one of which resembles the sparkling guitar sound of Bruce BecVar. Listeners seeking a calm peaceful album for playing during quiet times should welcome Starlight Serenade, as straight-forward and unpretentious a new age music release as I’ve heard in recent memory.

01.  Passion Sage
02.  Love Buffet
03.  Winter Play
04.  Love in the Twilight
05.  Timeless Journey
06.  Abbey with Me
07.  Serenity
08.  After Glow
09.  Surrender in the Storm
10.  Starlight Serenade
11.  Passion Sage ( reprise )
12.  Prelude

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