David Friedman – Moonrise

21 01 2009

133271-500David Friedman – Moonrise
MP3 @ 128 Kbps | 49:13 min | 48.2 MB | 1997 | 10% Recovery Record

The music in this CD is strikingly beautiful. I’m not normally a fanatic about new age, but there is something about this collection that stands out. It has more depth, complexity, and strength of character than most other new age. I have actually bought several of these and given them away as gifts. And luckily I’ve kept a spare because it is apparently now out of print. No collection should be without this. And we can only hope that David Friedman will create another release someday soon.

01.  Games we noble fools play
02.  Carnavals
03.  Moon dust
04.  Morning aire
05.  May morning
06.  One reason
07.  Dusk
08.  Meadows and Thunderstorms
09.  The Train
10.  Improv #27
11.  Lauren
12.  The Sailboat Oblivion
13.  Autumn Verse
14.  Wolf Canyon

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4 responses

22 02 2009

En mi coleccion de mas de 2800 albumes, éste es uno de mis preferidos. Cuando lo descubrí, durante meses lo escuché todos los dias. Ojala David Friedman edite algun dia una nueva obra. Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina

23 02 2009

Thank you very much! This is also one of my all-time favorites =_).

26 04 2009

This album has become one of my favorites… Thank you for letting me discover this… It is a shame that there isn´t available any of his other works, if there is any.

27 04 2009

Great to hear that you like David Friedman. To my knowledge, this is the only album that he’s released. He’s done some other work, but Moonrise is his only solo album =-(.

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