Ronan Hardiman – Solas

23 01 2009

superd_1169937Ronan Hardiman – Solas
MP3 @ 128 Kbps VBR | 52:25 min | 52.4 MB | 1997 | 10% Recovery Record

Solas is wonderful and smooth, all of the tracks are as good as the next. Ronan Hardiman takes on a feel good trip and does not stop. I could really feel his power in all of the tunes as you will also. The hard beats with soft whispery vocals is an awesome sensation. If I had to compare (which is hard, because Hardiman has a style of his own) I would say this CD is a cross between Robert Miles, Enigma, and Enya. Track No. 7 – “Angel” placed me in a zone I never felt before and I must say it was great. I collect mostly Contemporary Jazz music and a NewAge CD every once in awhile, but I’m not disappointed with Solas and very pleased to have it part of my collection. I highly recommend you add Solas to your collection.

01. Love Song 04:14
02. All The Way Back Home (LP version) 04:43
03. Dreaming 05:03
04. Heaven 04:10
05. New Lands 03:30
06. Take Me With You 04:41
07. Angel 05:04
08. Far Away 04:39
09. Communication 05:04
10. Secret World 05:21
11. All The Way Back Home (album remix) 05:50

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