David Lanz – Beloved

28 01 2009

belovedDavid Lanz – Beloved
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 1:02:46 min | 128 MB | 1995 | 10% Recovery Record

The process of selecting my most ‘romantic’ music for this collection offered the perfect opportunity to reflect on just what qualities or elements I feel ‘romance’ embodies. What immediately comes to mind is the special something two people experience when love is in the air. Beyond this though, romance is so much more – something many of us yearn for at a deeper soul level. When we look into the eyes of another, or when we view a breathtaking sunset, or we see the radiance in the face of an innocent child, what we really see is the reflection of soul… our beloved.


01. Beloved (03:44)
02. Leaves On The Seine (04:52)
03. Madre De La Tierra (03:27)
04. Madrona (03:43)
05. Return To The Heart (03:19)
06. First Light (03:56)
07. Courage Of The Wind (07:40)
08. Summer’s Child (06:15)
09. Theme From Pachebel’s Canon In D Major (09:25)
10. Cristofori’s Dream (06:08)
11. Angels Of Hope (02:12)
12. Reverie (04:31)
13. Before The Last Leaf Falls (03:37)

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