David Lanz – Cup Of Moonlight

28 01 2009

david-lanz-a-cup-of-moonlight-frontDavid Lanz – Cup Of Moonlight
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 47:37 min | 119 MB | 2007 | 10% Recovery Record

A CUP OF MOONLIGHT certainly proves one thing – David Lanz is at his best when he goes solo. Added strings of smooth jazz textures do sometimes add a greater sense of romance to his elegant melodies, but when all the excess is stripped away and the real Lanz shows, it’s magic. The album is easily his most pensive and subtle to date, with cascading piano that’s like comfort food for the ears. For example, on the track “Ambient Plains,” Lanz takes a spacious, almost zen-like approach to the melody, where every note feels like it has a purpose. Others, like “A Song of Soul” and “True Nature” display Lanz’s compositional prowess with light, reflective melodies. Put this album on when you want to hear something that will relax you.


01. Lover’s Tarot (04:10)
02. Butterfly (04:13)
03. Ambient Plains (04:29)
04. In Stillness (06:37)
05. Song of Soul (03:51)
06. True Nature (04:31)
07. Cup of Moonlight (05:44)
08. Along the Garden Wall (03:28)
09. Heaven and Earth (10:38)

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