David Lanz – The Good Life

28 01 2009

515315f1c5l_ss500_David Lanz – The Good Life
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 43:27 min | 108 MB | 2004 | 10% Recovery Record

David Lanz built his reputation on sentimental solo piano themes, notably the title theme from 1988’s New Age chart topping disc, Cristofori’s Dream. He’s expanded his repertoire over the years with various ensemble and orchestral recordings, but the core of his sound has always been sweet, romantic compositions dressed in faux-classical filigree. That ain’t The Good Life. Lanz comments in his liner notes that The Good Life is “extroverted, uptempo, light hearted.” In an attempt at reinvention, Lanz resorts to smooth jazz calculations with snappy rhythms, melodies that slipped off the cruise ship lounge and arrangements bought cut-rate at the strip mall. Smooth jazz hired guns are brought in, including saxophonist Eric Marienthal and keyboardists Jeff Lorber and Gregg Karukas, who also co-produced the disc. They conspire to give The Good Life a generically slick sheen, but it lacks even the hint of a soul, not even a Jimmy Buffett-good-time soul. The Good Life is ultimately lifeless.


01. Big Sur (04:18)
02. Kal-e-fornia (04:45)
03. The Good Life (04:03)
04. Sorry Charlie (05:10)
05. Mood Swing (03:53)
06. Mystical (04:52)
07. Its the Way That I Feel (03:48)
08. Not a Moment Too Soon (05:01)
09. Fools Magic (03:44)
10. A Song For Helen (03:52)

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