David Lanz, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel – Woodlands

29 01 2009

eric-tingstad-nancy-rumbel-and-david-lanz-woodlands-1990David Lanz, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel – Woodlands
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 43:01 min | 106 MB | 1990 | 10% Recovery Record

Woodlands is a CD of largely acoustic soundworlds by Eric Tingstad, Nancy Rumbel, and David Lanz. It is gentle and ambient. The sound design incorporates the finest efforts of these gifted artists. Tingstad’s guitars are, as always, smooth; Rumbel’s winds are silken; and Lanz’s piano is mellow. The combination creates a pastoral soundscape, complete with organic and elegant textures. This CD, while not the best work of Tingstad & Rumbel, is still very strong and enjoyable. It will appeal to fans of Lisa Lynne, Kitaro, Gary Stroutsos, and Jonn Serrie.


1. Willow (04:29)
2. Magnolia (03:35)
3. Oaks (04:42)
4. Cypress (05:29)
5. Cottonwood (04:53)
6. Deodora (03:28)
7. Sequoia (04:03)
8. Woodlands (04:24)
9. Bamboo (04:19)
10. Madrona (03:41)

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2 responses

5 03 2009

I have this album and have been listening to it for over 10 years. It is one of the finest new age albums I’ve ever heard. My parents got me started on Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbell.

Nice post!

5 03 2009

It’s rather funny that you would bring them up. They were a huge part of “Quiet Music”. The host of the show would usually play them at least twice in the show, and sometimes more. The other funny part is that I just listened to a couple of their songs, and I have to say that it remains some of the most acoustically soothing music I have ever heard. Thanks again for the jog down memory lane =_).

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