David Lanz & Gary Stroutsos – Living Temples

29 01 2009

living-templesDavid Lanz & Gary Stroutsos – Living Temples
MP3 @ 225 Kbps VBR | 50:43 min | 71.7 MB | 2008 | 10% Recovery Record

If you heard the desert sing, how would you describe its song? What melodies arise from the red rock, the river, and the open sky? What is the sound of a sacred place?

Alone at the piano, with filmmaker Jan Nickman’’s images flickering on the near by screen, composer and musician, David Lanz, began to slowly find answers to these questions. And then enter into the fold, world flutist and composer Gary Stroutsos, and engineer/producer Gary Lanz. Not content to create a soundtrack restrained in style, these three friends and brothers allowed the muse to have her way, wild and elusive at first, then flowing freely, and finally tamed and captured in the recording. Blending the classic sounds of piano, cello, and upright acoustic bass, with exotic native and world flutes, dreamy synth textures, hand percussion, and the majestic thundering sound of the Taos drums, the compositions were given room to breathe, unfold, and come to life. This is music that reflects the spacious beauty the American Southwest evokes. Beauty at once stark, rich, and surprisingly lush in texture. So what is the sound of a sacred place? Listen to the music of Living Temples and you may just hear the answer . . .

01. Sun Chasers (05:51)
02. Rio San Rafael (04:39)
03. Desert Star (07:09)
04. Invocation (00:50)
05. Rain Dancer (04:52)
06. Sea of Mescalero (04:05)
07. Temple Dance (05:11)
08. Ancient Voices (05:53)
09. Walk in Beauty (04:18)
10. Living Temples (07:55)

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