David Lanz & Paul Speer – Natural States

29 01 2009

david_lanz_w_paul_speer_natural_states_1985_retail_cd-frontDavid Lanz & Paul Speer – Natural States
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 42:15 min | 103 MB | 1985 | 10% Recovery Record

This has been one of the most relaxing new age CD’s i have ever listened to. As a newcomer to the music of Lanz & Speer i was pleasantly surprised how good this album was. David Lanz’ keyboards and Paul Speer diversity on numerous instruments, particularly the guitar, truly impresses. Tracks like ” Faces of the Forest” and “Mountain” pave the way for truly outstanding pieces like “Allegro 985” and “Lento 984”. The sheer beauty of this album cannot be overstated. Listen with good quality headphones and let the sounds take you to another place. First class!


01. Miranova (02:04)
02. Faces of the Forest Part 1 (02:35)
03. Faces of the Forest Part 2 (06:44)
04. Behind the Waterfall (03:32)
05. Mountain (04:52)
06. Allegro/985 (07:26)
07. Lento/984 (06:53)
08. Rain Forest (04:18)
09. First Light (03:53)

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