David Lanz – The Symphonic Sessions

29 01 2009

david-lanz-the-symphonic-sessions-2003David Lanz – The Symphonic Sessions
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 52:19 min | 129 MB | 2003 | 10% Recovery Record

David Lanz brings a deep sensitivity and passion to his music. Accompanied by the elegance of an orchestra, his music is filled with a grandeur, power, and richness unlike anything else. THE SYMPHONIC SESSIONS bring together Lanz’s most popular and powerful performances in an orchestral setting for a musical experience to be treasured for years to come.


01. Nights In White Satin (05:36)
02. Sitting In An English Garden (03:44)
03. Vesuvius (04:21)
04. Prelude The Approaching Night (01:57)
05. Nocturne (05:10)
06. Cristofori’s Dream (Live) (05:59) (previously unreleased)
07. Water From The Moon (Live) (05:52) (previously unreleased)
08. Girl (03:46)
09. Where The Tall Tree Grows (04:05)
10. Prelude To The Dance (02:14)
11. The Setting Of Two Suns (05:26)
12. Firedance (04:12)

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