Michael Hoppe – How Do I Love Thee

1 02 2009

front2Michael Hoppe – How Do I Love Thee
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 49:20 min | 125 MB | 2006 | 10% Recovery Record

“How Do I Love Thee? The World’s Most Beautiful Love Poems” is a delightful collaboration by British actor Michael York, who soulfully reads a collection of twenty – two classic poems about love, and composer Michael Hoppe, who soulfully provides the music that plays behind the poems and also appears as interludes scattered throughout the CD, allowing quiet moments to reflect.. The selection of poems is fascinating, dealing with romantic love, but also telling of mature love and marriage, loss, and desire. Hoppe’s selection of original music is perfect for the chosen poems and interludes, wordlessly conveying passion and deep emotion..


1. Intro Romance For Violin
2. How Do I Love Thee
3. She Walks In Beauty
4. Sonnet 18
5. Interlude Quiet Storms
6. If Thou Must Love Me
7. Remember
8. Renouncement
9. Interlude Avalon
10. Absence
11. The Apache Wedding Prayer
12. A White Rose
13. Interlude Waltz For Raphael
14. To My Dear And Loving Husband
15. Sudden Light
16. Helen Of Troy
17. Interlude Pieces Of Moon
18. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal
19. A Sonnet Of The Moon
20. She Lay All Naked
21. Interlude Sandcastles
22. In Summer’s Heat
23. Autumn Redemption
24. To Celia
25. Interlude October
26. It Is A Beauteous Evening
27. Jenny Kissed Me
28. Desire
29. The Song Of Solomon
30. Outro Romance For Violin And Keyboards

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