Michael Hoppe – The Dreamer (Romances for Alto flute Vol. 2)

1 02 2009

cover_frontMichael Hoppe – The Dreamer (Romances for Alto flute Vol. 2)
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 50:13 min | 125 MB | 1997 | 10% Recovery Record

The soft music on “Alto Flute Romances” is composed with a slow tempo to take advantage of the wind-in-a-cave sound of the flute. Perfect for slowing down, relaxing, calming oneself, or playing as a lullaby. Some of the pieces sound a bit alike, but they are all in a similar tempo which adds to the relaxation effect. The “Lavender Shadows” is my favorite on the entire CD. Very nice.


1. Song Of The Hills
2. Lavender Shadow
3. Paper Laterns
4. Vanity Fair
5. Sun Of The Moon
6. Sea Dreams
7. The Playground
8. Echoes Of The Heart
9. Beyond The Valley
10. Midnight Swan
11. The Dreamer

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7 02 2009
My biSGen

perfect, thanks

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