Michael Hoppe & Tim Wheater – Afterglow

1 02 2009

00093bbaMichael Hoppe & Tim Wheater – Afterglow
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 46:38 min | 115 MB | 1999 | 10% Recovery Record

Under the skilled and intuitive guidance of musician and composer Michael Hoppe on keyboards, Afterglow is a collaborative effort of deep sensual beauty and full-figured elegance. With such improvisational songs as “Shadows Fall,” the driving pulse of Martin Tillman’s cello intensifies the mindful meandering of flutist Tim Wheater’s rounded tones. And on the bittersweet “A Thousand Whispers,” Tillman’s strings take on a boldly brooding neoclassicism bearing out the project’s premise to have “deeply felt performances” supercede all other motives. Elsewhere, as on “The Listening Wind,” Wheater’s melodies float, quiver, and reverberate a pattern of primitive lines in contrast to Tillman’s innovative, plucky tick-tock. Built solely on the nonwritten structures set by Hoppe, the emotionally rich and relaxing Afterglow is the spontaneous, supple, and spirited union of three of the most masterful soloists of instrumental music.


01. The Waiting 04:16
02. Shadows Fall 05:09
03. Long Ago 04:10
04. Land Of Serenity 04:24
05. The Longing 03:44
06. Lady Of Silence 02:31
07. A Thousand Whispers 03:45
08. The Reckoning 03:32
09. Distant Call 03:17
10. The Listening Wind 03:48
11. Thoughts Of You 02:59
12. Salvation 02:49
13. The Waiting (Reprise) 02:16

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2 responses

15 02 2009

thanks a lot for this discography of Hoppe. :*
I’m trying to get them all to my collection.

15 02 2009

You are most welcome! His music is stunning.

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