Gandalf – Between Earth And Sky

4 02 2009

gandalf-between-earth-and-skyGandalf – Between Earth And Sky
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:06:26 min | 167 MB | 2003 | 10% Recovery Record

Gandalf’s music is inspired by the beauty of nature and by the wisdom and myths of various cultures. Magician of sounds and painter of musical landscapes, he conjures moods and magical moments that point to other realities behind the scenes in our fast-paced modern world. Austrian born Gandalf blends acoustic, electronic and spherical sounds and weaves folk elements into a symphonic structure to create his unmistakable and unique musical style.

01. Just A Heartbeat Away (06:47)
02. Echoes From Ancient Dreams (05:32)
03. The Blessing (06:30)
04. Stardust Dreams (07:44)
05. Dreamcatcher (02:50)
06. Voice In The Wind (04:07)
07. Peaceful Heart (04:25)
08. A Seagull’s Tale (06:25)
09. Shine On Full Moon (05:17)
10. Love Is The Answer (04:41)
11. Along The Milky Way (05:20)
12. Floating Down The Silent Stream (06:52)

Part 1 | Part 2

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