Gandalf – Colours Of The Earth

4 02 2009

cover_colours_newGandalf – Colours Of The Earth
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:04:58 min | 97.6 MB | 1994 | 10% Recovery Record

“When I first travelled to the USA in summer 1993, I was deeply impressed by the beautiful landscapes and gorgeous nature monuments of the Southwest. It was quite an amazing experience. All the wide open spaces of Utah and Arizona, the diverse colors of sand and stones under an endless sky, incredible sunsets upon the rim of the Grand Canyon and the bizarre and fragile stone-castles at Bryce Canyon, the ancient giant trees in Sequoia National Park, everything was totally inspiring. After I returned to my home I spent the next couple of months in the studio recording new music with all those marvellous pictures on mind, enchanted by the Colours Of The Earth.” ~ Gandalf

01. Secrets Of The Heart
02. Aquarius
03. Garden Of Miracles
04. Closer To Heaven (1)
05. Colours Of The Earth, Part 2
06. Closer To Heaven (2)
07. Colours Of The Earth
08. Closer To Heaven (3)
09. Traces From Eternity
10. Garden Of Miracles (reprise)
11. Angel Of Light


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