Gandalf – Gallery Of Dreams

4 02 2009

gashfrontGandalf – Gallery Of Dreams
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 58:01 min | 143 MB | 1997 | 10% Recovery Record

Gandalf’s latest features the talented Steve Hackett, formerly with the popular group Genesis in their heyday. From biting electric leads to serene classical guitars, Hackett adds a new dimension to the Austrian artist Gandalf who has his own multifaceted approach. Flute and oboe expand the sound even further, and Gandalf’s versatility is heard on guitars, keyboards, mandolin, percussion and more. Stately melodies and symphonic flair tie the selections together, while Hackett, who appears on over half the tracks, shows his lyrical side to great advantage without forsaking the power and fluidity of his playing. To top it off, the CD booklet and packaging are perfectly eloquent, adding just the right touch to one of the most powerful and enjoyable releases of 1993.

1. Face in the Mirror
2. Willowman-Watcher of the Waters
3. Alone Agian
4. Between Different Worlds
5. Another Dream
6. Song of the Unicorn
7. Winged Shadows
8. Choir of Elves
9. Lady of the Golden Forest
10. Hand in Hand
11. Gallery of Dreams
12. Fields of Eternal Harmony
13. End of the Rainbow

Part 1 | Part 2

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