Gandalf – Reflection Masterworks (1986-1990)

4 02 2009

front12Gandalf – Reflection Masterworks (1986-1990)
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:02:16 min | 1991 | 92.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

This album is a good way to get some taste of Gandalf’s late 80’s work, although it has a common problem what compilations usually have : it contains the most popular tracks not the best ones.

Besides this it HAS the atmosphere for those who are responsive for it and it contains some of the most beautiful Gandalf tracks ever made such as The River Of Permanent Changes and Gate To Infinity.

1. Refuge Island (4:00)
2. The Eternal Song Of The Ocean Waves (Part II) (3:29)
3. Invisible Power (4:33)
4. Pure Love (4:00)
5. Dreamscapes Part I (4:11)
6. Dreamscapes Part II (3:17)
7. Gate To Infinity (7:12)
8. Where The Mountains Meet The Sky (Part IV) (4:08)
9. From Source To Sea (11:38)
10. The River Of Permanent Changes (Part I + II) (7:37)
11. Mirages Upon A Desert Of Sand (Part IV) (4:32)
12. Cosmic Circle Dance (3:21)


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