Gandalf – Sacred River

4 02 2009

gandalf_sr_frontGandalf – Sacred River
MP3 @ 192 – 320 Kbps | 55:29 min | 2006 | 85 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Flowing water has been inspiring for me since I was a child, my favourite playground was at a small creek behind my parents´ house. The sound of the rippling water somehow stimulated my fantasy and made my mind go wandering to imaginary places.
Water is one of the most essential things for all forms of life on Earth, maybe even in the whole wide universe. The circle of the water from the source to the ocean, ascending into the sky and falling down as rain again, appears like a symbol for life itself. The river, permanently flowing, permanently changing and yet ever remaining the same, embodies both movement and constancy.
When I started writing the music for this album, Herman Hesse´s novel “Siddharta” came to my mind, especially the part when Siddharta joins Vasudeva, the old and wise ferryman.
He learns to listen carefully to the multiple voices of the river, until one day he perceives the sound as the universal “aum” , an eternal song of oneness and harmony.
Years ago one of my journeys lead me to one of India´s holy rivers, the Yamuna, an experience that had a deep impact on my life ever after. People would come from near and far to bathe in the sacred water to get washed from their sins and find release from the wheel of reincarnation. Night and day the air is filled with the chanting of holy mantras, a scenery of humility, love and joy.

01. Morning At The River Bench
02. Sacred River
03. Blossoms Falling LIke Snow
04. Silent Joy
05. The Ferryman’s Tale
06. Take Me Gently Across The Water
07. Confidently Floating Seawards
08. A Visionary Passage
09. Flow, Water, Flow
10. Where The River Joins The Ocean


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