Gandalf – Symphonic Landscapes

4 02 2009

front700Gandalf – Symphonic Landscapes
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 54:54 min | 2001 | 114 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Gandalf’s music is mainly inspired by the beauty of nature and by the art and myths of various cultures. Being one of the masters in his genre, the multi-talented musician, composer and producer has created his own very unique musical style. He blends a variety of acoustic instruments (guitars, sitar, saz, charango, bouzuki, piano, balaphon, bells & percussion) with spherical keyboard-sounds and weaves folky tunes into powerful symphonic arrangements. Gandalf is a magician of sounds from the soul, his colourful compositions spread peace and harmony and are a balm for the heart. Many people who feel exhausted from the demands and the stress of modern life find comfort and healing by listening to it.

1. 1st Movement: The Song Of The Ocean Waves Part I (5:48)
2. Part II (3:22)
3. 2nd Movement: Green Valley Beyond The Valley Part I (3:31)
4. Part II (6:43)
5. Part III (4:28)
6. 3rd Movement: Where the Mountains Meet The Sky Part I (3:31)
7. Part II (1:50)
8. Part III (1:23)
9. Part IV (4:03)
10. Part V (3:40)
11. 4th Movement: Mirages Upon A Desert Of Sand Part I (6:05)
12. Part II (3:48)
13. Part III (1:25)
14. Part IV (4:20)

Part 1 | Part 2

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