Amethystium – Aphelion

11 02 2009

front14Amethystium – Aphelion
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 58:56 min | 2003 | 148 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Aphelion is the point where the earth is furthest from the sun, and Amethystium creates a suitably twilight world of pastoral fantasy. For his second outing as Amethystium, Norwegian keyboardist/ composer Øystein Ramfjord creates a compelling synthesis of Kitaro-esque melodies, Enigma-hued chants, Delirium-like moods, and just enough Deep Forest ethnic touches to be exotic. Anchoring them to downtempo electronica and lush synthesizer orchestrations, Ramsfjord employs resolutely analog sounds along with the post-modern keyboardist’s cut-and-paste sampling arsenal where Gothic choirs, Chinese flutes, and Indian tablas digitally converge in a virtual orchestra. With titles like “Shadow to Light,” “Elvensong,” and “Ad Astra,” listeners might expect Amethystium’s themes to be heroic and sweeping – which they are on an album that seems to elevate from the speakers.

01. Shadow to Light (05:52)
02. Garden of Sakuntala (05:35)
03. Exultation (06:20)
04. Ad Astra (06:13)
05. Gates of Morpheus (06:01)
06. Autumn Interlude (05:54)
07. Elvensong (05:48)
08. Shibumi (04:51)
09. Hymnody (04:20)
10. Withdrawal (03:43)
11. Berceuse (04:19)

Part 1 | Part 2

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