Amethystium – Emblem (Selected Pieces)

11 02 2009

amethystium-emblem-selected-pieces-f1Amethystium – Emblem (Selected Pieces)
MP3 @ 256 Kbps VBR| 1:19:14 min | 2006 | 133 MB | 10% Recovery Record

From time to time, an artist/project comes along that defies easy categorization, that pushes boundaries, that crosses lines and yet strangely remains focused and very lucid in terms of direction and feel.

Norway’s Oystein Ramfjord has captured that certain magic and managed to; at a very young age create a project that is as mystical as it is melodic. The project, which turned into a 3 record trilogy was to be called Amethystium. Ramfjords vision was way beyond his years – as he created the entire first record during his teen years from age 16-18, and seeing it released on a national scale by the time he was 19. The record immediately gathered a fanatical and some would consider, a slightly left of center fan base. Images of Fairies, Dragonfly’s, and Tolkienesque’ themes were strewn throughout the arrangements and created a sort of Lord of the Rings like soundscape. The first three albums, Odonata, Aphelion, and most recently – Evermind came to be known as the Dragonfly Trilogy, named after the recurring themes in the music and the images of a Dragonfly’s journey and appearances on artwork.

Emblem (selected pieces) is a retrospective of, and more importantly a carefully chosen collection of Ramfjords most meaningful and inspired moments from each record. The songs are in no particular order in terms of time tables, or release dates, but rather, were put together to try and connect the three records and more or less create a beginning, middle and end of a musical story.

With a brand new album of new music slated for early 2007, Oystein wanted to put this collection out as a sort of changing of the guard – or passing of the torch musically. His plans for future records are not to deviate from what has worked, but to put this chapter of his work behind him. Specifically created as a trilogy this collection brings together the most personally meaningful tracks he’s recorded to date. * As a primer for his new work in 2007, Oystein has enlisted the vocal talents of Lee Nisbet for a new song (which will be a focus track for promo) to kick off his slightly altered direction.

Equal parts Gothic, Ambient, Moody, and Graceful – Amethystium remains a singular and unique musical vision with virtually no peers.

1. Ethereal (04:28)
2. Arcus (05:07)
3. Exultation (06:24)
4. Autumn Interlude (05:54)
5. Shadowlands (05:32)
6. Fable (05:05)
7. Shadow To Light (05:55)
8. Dreamdance (04:18)
9. Odyssey (04:41)
10. Ad Astra (06:16)
11. Enchantment (06:02)
12. Safari (04:25)
13. Elvensong (05:50)
14. Meadowland (04:13)
15. Anthemoessa (05:05)

Part 1 | Part 2

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