Amethystium – Evermind

11 02 2009

evermindAmethystium – Evermind
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 52:46 min | 2004 | 132 MB | 10% Recovery Record

While every bit of what makes Amethystium music Amethystium is throbbing through this elite offering of chilled electronica, one can detect a little evolution and experimentation with some new sound. Even in the midst of what can now be safely classed as classic Amethystium, one notices different flavors being slowly injected into the mix. As usual, the melodies are [insert synonym of choice for overused adjective “lush”], full-bodied, enveloping. The beats are laid back but gripping and the ambiance is, well, stunning. Amethystium’s music is so rotund and encompassing, so three-dimensional, it’s easy to see why the man behind the music, Oystein Ramfjord, said Amethystium is about “creating and exploring some kind of ‘musical fantasy world’ …” Because that’s exactly what it is for the listener. One can place one’s self between headphones and, in the end, be placing one’s self in a wormhole that transports you off to a world of euphoria and utter beauty, populated with gentle creatures not of this earth. Actually, euphoria and utter beauty are maybe the perfect words to describe Amethystium’s music, especially on the new release, Evermind.

01. Arcus (05:07)
02. Into the Twilight (04:51)
03. Shadowlands (05:31)
04. Break of Dawn (04:23)
05. Innocence (04:38)
06. Satori (04:26)
07. Barefoot (04:14)
08. Reverie (05:22)
09. Lost (04:27)
10. Fable (05:04)
11. Imaginatio (04:43)

Part 1 | Part 2

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