Amethystium – Isabliss

11 02 2009

amethystium-isablissAmethystium – Isabliss
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:19:14 min | 2008 | 133 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Nearly four years passed between Amethystium’s last album “Evermind” and the release of Ramsfjord’s latest release “Isabliss”. Though it was certainly a while between including the release of a retrospective “Emblem”, “Isabliss” is a marvelous evolution of sound from the past while maintaining much of the spirit of the old. “Isabliss” is comparison has a much more of a monochromic feel, like having a much grayer, more wintry atmosphere. Even some of the songs have a different melodic structure. The album cover artwork perfectly portrays the mood of the album in my opinion: Dark, gray, yet also entrancing and mesmerizing.

Some of the songs like “Treasure”, “Anthemossa”, and “Silken Twine” are ideal tributes to the atmospherics of their debut album “Odonata”. Other songs like “A Small Adventure”, “La Pluie”, and the Arctic “Frosty Morning Bliss” have a far chillier atmosphere. Even more tracks have distinctly creepy undertones such as “Silken Twine” with it’s unique change in melody towards the end.

Overall, “Isabliss” is a welcome and not overdue return for Amethystium. Though some may think “what took you so long?” after the long break after “Evermind”,Amethystium is taking it’s time and the end result is yet another fantastic addition to their musical catalog and a new chapter in their history.

01. A Small Adventure (02:49)
02. La Pluie (05:02)
03. Treasure (05:53)
04. Unbounded (05:10)
05. Anthemoessa (05:03)
06. Automne (04:57)
07. Strangely Beautiful (05:01)
08. Frosty Morning Bliss (05:07)
09. Silken Twine (04:40)
10. Dreamlike Insomnia (04:56)
11. Elegy (04:58)

Part 1 | Part 2

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