2002 – This Moment Now

12 02 2009

this-moment-now2002 – This Moment Now
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 49:07 min | 124 MB | 2003 | 10% Recovery Record

Having already achieved phenomenal success and critical acclaim through seven releases with Real Music since 1996, 2002 has still managed to surpass itself with their eighth, This Moment Now. Twenty years ago Pamela and Randy lived for awhile in different parts of the country, and part of their staying in touch was a steady stream of love letters to each other. They wanted to do an album focused upon love and as the work began to grow, the music responded in the form not only of love between two people but also as a vehicle expressing the great love that exists in all living things. The music captures an enchanted moment, an opportunity to be free of the mental chatter that takes us out of the now and to cocoon in the awareness of love. This momentous album features lush strings, soaring flutes and guitars, grand piano and dense vocal arrangements, creating the signature sound that rocketed 2002 to #3 and has kept them on the Billboard Charts for over 6 years.

1. Suddenly Yours
2. Sunny Day
3. Morning of Light
4. Even Now
5. Life Is
6. Moment of Love
7. Romancing the Moon
8. Gate of Dreams, A
9. Children in Time
10. Bliss
11. Dreaming of You

Part 1 | Part 2

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