Ernesto Cortazar – Moments Of Solitude

17 02 2009

ernesto-cortazar-moments-of-solitudeErnesto Cortazar – Moments Of Solitude
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 46:56 min | 69.1 MB | 1998 | 10% Recovery Record

The beautifully romantic compositions of Ernesto Cortazar are redolent with the poignant agonies, joys and yearnings of love. Brilliantly woven magic, hauntingly lilting truth and memories of that long glance when eye meets eye touch the soul, spear the heart and embrace one in exquisite soundscapes of bittersweet dreams. Ernesto Cortazar, gracefully touches the piano with magic so delicate one can feel the artist and the instrument become one.

01 – Solitude
02 – Our Love Never Dies
03 – Angelica
04 – Maridome
05 – Fantino
06 – Gondola
07 – My Piano Cries For You
08 – The Pianist Is Playing Our Song
10 – Solitude (Concerto)
11 – Our Love Never Dies (Concerto)


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