Davol – A Day Like No Other

19 02 2009

front18Davol – A Day Like No Other
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 40:36 min | 2005 | 99.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

This upbeat collection reveals a new side of Davol. Delving into new artistic areas, he occasionally combines spoken word in foreign tongues with his electronic tapestries. For example, the piece ‘Just Like You’ demonstrates an interesting melange of electronic pop with spoken word in Chinese and English provided by the sultry voice of his friend Meiji. The reliable and uplifting pop-influenced electronic grooves we’ve come to expect from Davol are aplenty, in such pieces as ‘Say It’, ‘Human’ (dedicated to a friend he recently lost to cancer), and ‘Lucky Day’. ‘Ride’ takes us on a percolating electronic journey that will not disappoint. And not forgetting his roots, ‘Necessity of Love’ is a new age staple, cinematic at times, in a style reminiscent of Vangelis. It may take many years of patience between albums, but it’s good to see Davol return and provide us with A Day Like No Other.

1. Say It
2. Human
3. Lucky Day
4. Necessity of Love
5. Just Like You
6. Of The Valley
7. Ride
8. A Star Shines

Part 1 | Part 2

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