DaKsha – Ascendent

27 02 2009

cover7DaKsha – Ascendent
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 57:43 min | 2006 | 135 MB | 10% Recovery Record

“Ascendent” is a lush journey with a myriad of geographical influences from the far reaches of the earth paired with ambient / electronic music that is both spellbinding and captivating. Electronic music allows DaKsha to develop their unique and innovative sound – creating mind altering soundscapes as each song globe-trots around various ethno-electronic lounge sounds. “The Jade Stem” is a deep, meditative song featuring weeping strings & synths over a diligent percussive beat. “Nuevo Tango” is a light-hearted jaunt featuring the Bandoneon (small accordion), while “Nights of Serampur” is a heady excursion down the great Hoogli River (India) where the music permeates a tribalistic and mysterious vibe accompanied by haunting vocals. Title track “Ascendent” breaks down from the synthetic, yet emmotive background music to raw, stripped down percussion and didgerdoo. “Angel Wings” draws the sonic journey to a close with a light, airy release that would leave any listener yearning for more.

01 – Awakening
02 – 16 Steps To Infinity
03 – The Jade Stem
04 – Prelude
05 – Nuevo Tango
06 – Nights In Serampur
07 – Drops Of Grace
08 – Condensed Light
09 – Ascendent
10 – Angel Wings

Part 1 | Part 2

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