Ron Boots – Different Stories & Twisted Tales

3 03 2009

ron-boots-1993-differents-stories-twisted-tales1Ron Boots – Different Stories & Twisted Tales
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:15:07 min | 1993 | 185 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Different Stories and Twisted Tales is a documentary, of sorts, by Ron Boots. He has spun a yarn of about how tales become legends and how individual lives are, in and of themselves, tales and legends. Ron creates the story-telling mood by mixing Berlin school sequences with dense atmospheres. Track 3, The Call, features a smoking electric guitar by Klaus Hoffman Hoock. The guitar is a dynamic compliment to the atmosphere. Ron’s overall diversity allows for dark AND pastoral atmospheres. The darkness is heavy and overt. The pastorales are dense without relying on new age or symphonic textures. They rely on Ron’s innovative use of sequences to create lightness. That unique texture is awesome and essential!

01. Twisted Tales
02. Amor Facit
03. The Call
04. Cuivienen
05. Gwahir
06. Omnus Mundi
07. Different Stories

Part 1 | Part 2

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