Ron Boots – Liquid Structures In Solid Form

3 03 2009

ron-boots-2002-liquid-structures-in-solid-formRon Boots – Liquid Structures In Solid Form
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:08:34 min | 2002 | 106 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Ron Boots is the most important electronic musician from The Netherlands. Since his early musical explorations in the eighties, “Big Ron” developed a distinguished style that has its roots in the classical electronic music from the seventies, and early eighties but can clearly be regarded as “Ron Boots-music”. “Liquid Structures In Solid Form” is another example of his many talents as a musician and a composer of high-quality electronic music.

It all starts with the title track, which perhaps is the best piece of music Ron, has ever recorded. It is a collaboration between Ron and one of his many musical friends, drummer Harold van der Heijden. Loaded with many layers of impressive sequences, brilliant sounds and solos, the interaction between the two leads the listener back to the days when Klaus Schulze and Harald Großkopf worked together. Of course, there is more on the album: from the atmospheric strings in”KGM”, the gentle melodies in “Forgotten Memories” to the laid-back dancetrack “Soft Skin” in which he even sings!

“Liquid Structures In Solid Form” is another giant step forward in Ron’s career that becomes more and more impressive every time a new album is released. Where will it all end?

01 – Liquid Structures In Solid Form
02 – Kgm
03 – Thunder Road
04 – Forgotten Memories
05 – Centre Of The Sphere
06 – Soft Skin

Part 1 | Part 2

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