Ron Boots – Screaming Whispers

3 03 2009

ron-boots-1996-screaming-whispersRon Boots – Screaming Whispers
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:11:05 min | 1996 | 108 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Ron Boots, over the last decade as established himself as one of the leading European synthesists, and this is without a doubt one of his finest albums to date. With this new release Boots’ revives the stylish opulence, nostalgic grandeur, and poetic refinement of sequencer based electronic music of the seventies and early eighties. Rhythm activated, and spatially charged, its a seductively original work of art. Richly textured with imaginative sounds and samples and dynamics from crunchingly intense to ethereal images of early Tangerine Dream, Boots tears down the style barriers with this eclectic masterpiece.The title cut as well as the other six compositions fuse elements of rock, techno, electronic, experimental, and ethno-ambient in an engaging blend.

Everything about this album is fascinating, and it would be pointless to fully review all seven tracks in depth. If you’re into experiencing ground breaking new synth music, look no further. Highly recommended.

01-Screaming Whispers
02-In Total Silence
03-Floating Thoughts
05-The Return of Beleive
06-Morphing M.O.R.E
07-Gibberish (party mix)

Part 1 | Part 2

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