Ron Boots – Tainted Bare Skin

3 03 2009

000b7032Ron Boots – Tainted Bare Skin
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 1:11:05 min | 1998 | 107 MB | 10% Recovery Record

With “Tainted Bare Skin,” Ron Boots has really outdone himself this time. The sequences are just a little crisper, the melodies a little better, the sounds and effects just a little cooler. If he raises the bar much higher, no one, including himself, will be able to reach it.

Beginning with “Gravity Pull,” swirling pools of sound are quickly enveloped in the first 30 seconds by a great sequencer rhythm, and a deep bass sound like a really fat bass string being plucked. The effect is definitely akin to the pull of gravity. Layer upon layer of electronics and percussion build, spilling over the top about halfway through its 11-minute run, giving way to a great, sharp lead synth line that carries the main melody into the mix. The tune then transposes to a higher key just at the right time to build the intensity a bit further before starting a slow descent back to earth.
Great cds nearly always have great opening numbers, and “Tainted Bare Skin” is no exception.
What I like best about Boots’ style of sequencer-based electronic music is that he isn’t afraid to pull back the reins a bit, mixing up energetic tracks like “Gravity Pull” with mellower ones like the title track, or “Déjà Vu,” both very relaxed counterpoints to a lot of high sequencer energy. Even more of a departure, “Achouchemojha” sounds like Ron Boots collaborated with Steve Roach. His trademark sweeping synth sounds are infused with very Roach-like tribal beats, and the occasional calling out of the mysterious sounding title.
The disc is rounded out with other excellent tracks, like the high-energy “Freezin’ Heat,” and the majestic “Dewdrop Plungle,” which reminds me of some of Boots’ best work on “Ghost of a Mist,” a release from almost ten years ago.

This is my favorite CD so far for 1999, having not heard it when it came out in 1998.
If you like a good mix of high energy and laid back electronic synthesizer music, you can’t go wrong with “Tainted Bare Skin.”

01 – Gravity Pull
02 – Tainted Bare Skin
03 – Achouchemojha
04 – Freezin’ Heat
05 – Dewdrop Plunge
06 – Deja Vu
07 – Dejection’s Curve

Part 1 | Part 2

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