Robert Miles – 23am

6 03 2009

cover1Robert Miles – 23am
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:01:02 min | 1997 | 153 MB | 10% Recovery Record

“23am” is a splendid product of Robert Miles’ continuing growth as an artist. Comparing tracks from “Dreamland” to “23am” reveals new depth and appeal. Though it is among my favorite CDs, “Dreamland’s” tracks tend to share the same fundamental sound throughout the album. Robert Miles introduces greater variety in “23am”, providing each track with it’s own distinct character. The true value of this album is found by sitting back at the end of a long day, closing your eyes, and savoring it’s entire length. Robert Miles’ new sound is beautiful, yet unobtrusive. It fuels the imagination, and sets the mind at ease.

01 – Introducing
02 – A New Flower
03 – Everyday Life
04 – Freedom
05 – Textures
06 – Enjoy
07 – Flying Away
08 – Heatwave
09 – Maresias
10 – Full Moon
11 – Leaving Behind

Part 1 | Part 2

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