Robert Miles – Dreamland

6 03 2009

dreamlandRobert Miles – Dreamland
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:10:14 min | 1996 | 196 MB | 10% Recovery Record

First of all, Dreamland, like 23 AM, is not trance. It does have the breakdowns, bass-driven beats, and melodies that are characteristic of trance, but it is definitely inaccurate to classify it as such. However, what can this musical beauty be classified as? But this should not deter anyone from purchasing this CD. As a trance and house lover, I more than encourage anyone to buy this CD. Honestly, anyone I have ever played Dreamland for has loved it. No one had complaints about it, except when it was played too much.

The music is like an emotional rollercoaster. “Children” sets an uplifting, inspiring tone, then “Fable” (although I prefer the non-vocal version) carries you off into musical bliss. The next few tracks are more mellow but still use the piano and bass beats to create a chill-out mood. Then, the “Princess of Light” begins and what follows is more like magic than music. See for yourself. The CD winds down with a more mellow remix of “Children” and “The Red Zone”, which is, along with the last two tracks (I like to think of them as one) on Tranceport3, the best track to end a CD I have ever heard.

Robert Miles takes you into a Dreamland with this CD, and I promise you that you will enjoy it, not once or twice, but many times. Also, play this CD like a trance CD for the first time by listening to the whole CD at once. I GURANTEE that you will embrace and love the musical journey Robert Miles guides you through. In other words, buy it right now.

1. Children [Dream Version]
2. Fable [Message Version]
3. Fantasya
4. Landscape
5. In My Dreams
6. One and One
7. Princess of Light
8. Fable [Dream Version]
9. In the Dawn
10. Children [Original Version]
11. Red Zone

Part 1 | Part 2

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