B-Tribe – 6

7 03 2009

cover2B-Tribe – 6
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 52:13 min | 2008 | 127 MB | 10% Recovery Record

The atmospheric sounds and the broad sound spectrum of Holophon presents B-Tribe Vol. 6 provide the special southern flair, best enjoyed in pleasant company or to seduce your “Principessa” (Title 07). On twelve tracks, Claus Zundel aka “The Brave” paints a masterful portrait of the enchanting Mediterranean lifestyle. Performed by gifted musicians such as Paco Fernandez, Eric Plummetaz, M. Smith Jr., G. Semle and the vocalists Bellma Cespédes, Esther Phillips and Manolo Diaz.

01 Agua Azul
02 Suspiro
03 Lagrimas
04 Cristoblanco del Corcovado
05 La Alma de la Guitarra
06 Pachamama
07 Principessa
08 Asturias
09 Monasterio
10 Sukha
11 Sin Alegria
12 Hasta Luego _ Goodbye


Unfortunately, this file has been requested that I remove the download links.




2 responses

22 03 2009

Thanks for sharing this wonderful music in your blog.
I is a treat to the senses and thanks for this post as well, although the link was removed by request of some idiot, perhaps you re-post it again

23 03 2009

Unfortunately, the removal of the link was requested by the latest publisher of B-Tribe. So I cannot post it back here. I do apologize =-(.

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